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BAAS was founded in the idea global accelarator Climate Launchpad and the service and product has been rapidly developed further and accelerated forward in Finnish business accelarator KIUAS.

BAAS meaning “building as a service” was founded for achieveing higher sustainability goals for people who desire buildings with superior indoor climate, flexibility, modularity and better buildings overall. BAAS.estate is the exclusive building system paired to the BAAS service, which will have the highest form of modularity and supports the princibles of circular economy. Being the forerunner of construction linked with innovative financing service we will give our clients unfair advantage to achieve better results by having superior buildings for their accomodation business.

BAAS.estate construction system.

The concept of BAAS.estate buildings is truly revolutionary in terms of construction and environmental sustainability. These amazing circular structures are specifically designed to have multiple levels, which can be easily modified by adding or removing rooms to/from the building. What’s even more fascinating is that the largest circular part of the building can be taken apart and relocated, literally giving the structure a new lease on life.

Furthermore, the individual components of the BAAS.estate building are made from materials that are great for the environment and can easily be reused or recycled. Each component is uniquely designed to be taken apart and fixed easily, and can even be combined with other parts to create entirely new building configurations.

One of the many benefits of BAAS.estate buildings is their adherence to ISO 20887 standards. This means that when the building is taken apart, it does not cause any contamination or damage to its surroundings, making it an incredibly environmentally safe option. By reusing materials in this way, we can reduce our reliance on valuable resources and protect the planet. Overall, BAAS.estate buildings represent a smart and responsible way to construct buildings that benefit our future and our planet.

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